The Virquarius Life is a podcast by a newly formed husband and wife team, eDas The Soul Star & TStunt! These millennial newlyweds begin with the story of how a Virgo and an Aquarius met and how they’ve been inseparable since. Get a glimpse into their love life all while gaining knowledge about finding true love and staying in love.

Episode 8: Traditional vs. Non Traditional Marriage The Virquarius Life

In this episode, we're defining the two basic types of marriage and which we prefer. Also, how to open your mind to what could be.
  1. Episode 8: Traditional vs. Non Traditional Marriage
  2. Do Seasons Determine Your Relationship status?
  3. Episode 6: Are you Starving in your Relationship?
  4. Episode 5: What it's like to be Newlyweds.
  5. Episode 4: Pineapples! Having those uncomfortable conversations.

Hustle + Motivate: The Podcast was created to uplift, motivate, and inspire new or aspiring entrepreneurs & creative professionals. Don’t miss out on great topics, Hustle + Motivate news, hip hop history, & more! The Marathon continues with all of us. So let’s talk.

Black History Is American History Hustle + Motivate: The Podcast

  1. Black History Is American History
  2. What's Next America?
  3. The Disconnect
  4. Are YOU a selfish Lover?!
  5. Don't Lose Focus