FYM is BACK w/ eDas The Soul Star! The Meditation Moment and Self Care advice designed to help keep you on your game.

Episode 5 | Self-Love Free Your Mind With The Soul Star

There's NO GREATER LOVE than our Love of Self! Join me for another great episode. Healing begins with a conversation, so let's talk. 🙂
  1. Episode 5 | Self-Love
  2. Episode 4 | Procrastination
  3. Believe in Yourself
  4. Boundaries 🙂
  5. Focus On Your Goals

The Virquarius Life is a podcast by a newly formed husband and wife team, eDas The Soul Star & TStunt! These millennial newlyweds begin with the story of how a Virgo and an Aquarius met and how they’ve been inseparable since. Get a glimpse into their love life all while gaining knowledge about finding true love and staying in love.

Episode 13: Trust Issues The Virquarius Life

We're discussing trust issues: Signs you have trust issues, the causes, & how to handle them for a happier life.
  1. Episode 13: Trust Issues
  2. Episode 12: Happy Valentine's Day
  3. Episode 11: Let's Talk Compatibility
  4. Ep. 10 | The Perception of Marriage: Stay Out My DMs
  5. Ep. 9 | Accountability

Hustle + Motivate: The Podcast was created to uplift, motivate, and inspire new or aspiring entrepreneurs & creative professionals. Don’t miss out on great topics, Hustle + Motivate news, hip hop history, & more! The Marathon continues with all of us. So let’s talk.

Black History Is American History Hustle + Motivate: The Podcast

  1. Black History Is American History
  2. What's Next America?
  3. The Disconnect
  4. Are YOU a selfish Lover?!
  5. Don't Lose Focus
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