Throwback Storytime | Jacob SO

***This Throwback Storytime article is one of my first articles from 2017 where I began to feature artists and entrepreneurs. I’m so excited to bring this offering back to our community! Everyone has a story. We can’t wait to write about it.***

Get To Know: Jacob SO

Author: Sade “eDas The Soul Star” Stunstle | Editor In Chief

Ever heard of Jacob SO?!  Some call him Papi Yacob, but either way, there’s no mistaking the talent this young artist brings to the music industry.   But what makes him DFW’s best-kept secret?   First off, he’s capable of making his own beats as well as engineers his own recordings to provide quality music.  He’s a poet, writer, emcee, and you’d probably never guess what else.  He’s a Physics Teacher.  (I’m serious.)  And he’s under the age of 25.  Killing the game.  Fearless.  A force to be reckoned with.  Well, that’s just the tip of the iceberg in getting to know this creative, yet eclectic performer.   If you’re not familiar with our Trusting The Process Podcast series, I suggest you download the FYMRADIO app or get the feed from our website.  It’s dopeness recorded!  <—Shameless plug.  Okay, so Jacob was the 3rd guest to join us in our Trusting The Process Podcast Series.  But why did we choose him to be one of our special guests?  Well, I and our show’s producer DJ Mr. Quickness attended a speed networking event curated by Joel Salazar of Too Fresh Productions.   At that event, he gave us both a copy of his most recent project at the time, Loverboy.  I popped it into my CD player and I was super impressed from the moment he placed the project in my hand.  First off, he painted the artwork that was on the album’s cover.  I totally dug it.   I could tell that Jacob SO has his own style, but found out he can be versatile with a few surprises here and there.

It began to feel like Dopamine.  OMG, so much in between. -Soul Star

Let’s talk about the EP Release Party:

Jacob invited me to an EP Release party for his latest project Dopamine.  There’s no way I was going to miss this!  So in normal melanated [issa word] fashion, I ended up being a little late, so I had to pick a spot in the back.  But I must say, it was a very nice crowd!  But not only that, Jacob commanded the attention of his crowd the entire time he was on stage.  If I haven’t told ya’ll already, I have a thing for proper stage presence! <—-Another perfectionist streak running wild.  That being said, bravo Jacob SO.

How would I describe his sound?

Unique AF!  Seriously, he’s definitely a wordsmith in his own rite.  He’s got a nice grouping of love song-type tracks that give you insight into who he is as a person and how he puts his feelings into poetry.  After hearing Loverboy, that was my full assessment.  Then he dropped Dopamine, which took me to a different space as I feel he branched out a bit more.   I’m looking forward to checking out his latest project Papi Yacob.  Nothing like being part of an artist’s creative journey.  Am I right?

Okay, here’s the good stuff.  Check out Jacob SO’s responses to our questions from the show.  And these are paraphrased.  For the best experience, Check out our interview w/ Jacob SO via the FYMRadio App on Google Play or our RSS Feed right here on our website!

Your parents seem to be very supportive.  Were they always supportive of the music?

They thought it was cool.  I didn’t start [The Music] until after high school.  I fell in love with music after I got a full ride to UTA.  They were always real supportive, but when I felt like I had to choose between education and music, and music was what I chose, they weren’t exactly supportive of that idea.  But they’ve always believed in ME.

What made you choose physics and does it relate to who you are at all?

Not at all.  I graduated, but wasn’t sure if I wanted to be a teacher…so I lived a little bit in the summer.  Then it was time to find a job to pay the bills.  Sunset was always the dream job.  I played soccer there when I was in high school.  They didn’t have a math opening, but they had a physics opening.  And I knew I could pass the test for physics.   I passed the test and was offered the job.  But truthfully, Physics doesn’t have anything to do with me as a person or as an artist.

Have you played your music in front of your students?

Okay, so short answer, yes.

Did they like it?

Short answer, yes.  What was really cool was finding out I had a few students, some not mine, who listened to me before I was a teacher.  And it wasn’t a huge amount, but it was pretty cool.

How did they come to find your music?

The Pyrex Pirates.  They’re my homies.  When they were like 14/15 they started recording in my back house.  We make totally different music, but the students made it happen.

“So then you’re inspiring.” -DJ Mr. Quickness

Agreed, DJ Mr. Quickness.  Jacob SO is an inspiration.   There’s so much to Jacob SO that many people may not have come to realize yet.  But that’s okay.   His story is just beginning!  So check out the interview.  He even tells the story of how Back House Music got its start and why it’s so important to his musical journey.  To hear the full interview, download the FYMRADIO app on Google Play or simply check out our feed on this website,

Support this artist!!!  Wanna know where to find his music?


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