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Melodyc Releases Q.O.T.D. & It’s More Than Appropriate

Author: Sade “eDas The Soul Star” Stunstle

If you think it’s weird writing about yourself, I’d say you’d be correct in your assessment. But I can assure you, this isn’t my first rollercoaster and peculiarity suits me just fine.

If you aren’t already aware, my husband (TStunt) and I recently formed a new hip-hop/soul duo, Melodyc. We both rap and I sing. Our first single, PDA (Show Me) was released in October 2021 and the video was released in December. You should totally check it out HERE if you haven’t already.

Q.O.T.D. is an acronym for Question of the Day. This is a very personal song for us both and we believe it’s relatable. The Pandemic has left many of us wondering what our next steps in life will be. “What’s the best way to get to a better situation than where I am, right now?”  That’s a question we know that many people have asked themselves.  Maybe not in those specific words, but you get what I’m saying.  I know you do.  Music is so powerful that it can change your entire mood. You could literally be mad AF at someone and then hear a song that takes you to a place of peace or happiness.

That’s what we hope to achieve with the music that we make. We hope we can change your mood into a positive one or at the very least, we hope we can invoke deep emotion and help you to think critically.   Assess what’s truly important. No matter what in this life, you’ve got to do what makes you happy and do it to the fullest. We hope you enjoy our new single, Q.O.T.D. Peace and thanks for reading. 🙂

Let’s Talk Jussie Smollett

By: Sade “eDas The Soul Star” Stunstle, Editor In Chief

Image Courtesy of NPR

I am not a reporter. I am a writer with emotions, so I express myself.


Jussie Smollett Sentenced to Jail, Probation for Lying to Police in Staged Hate Crime. Do I believe it? I’m not sure that’s all we should be concerned with, right now. 

“I am Innocent. I am NOT suicidal.”

-Jussie Smollett

Prior to being sentenced, Jussie said to the judge, “I am Innocent. I am NOT suicidal.” After being sentenced, he yelled, “I am NOT suicidal. I am NOT suicidal & I’m innocent. I could’ve said that I was guilty a long time ago!”

In the words of C Tha God’s therapist, Let’s unpack this.  Shall we?  I totally get why he’d yell out that he’s not suicidal.  That’s not only for his benefit as a Black man but also as a celebrity.  Shall I name names?  Why not?  Say her name: Sandra Bland.  Somehow she committed suicide in some random prison in BFE Texas.  If you believe that, I got a bridge in Brooklyn to sell you.  Also, a few celebrities mysteriously committed suicide in prison.  So now that he’s said that, perhaps we should be on the Lookout.

“I could’ve said that I was guilty a long time ago!”

-Jussie Smollett

Would he, though?  All I’m saying is people who lie don’t tend to tell the truth.  So, was that a strong argument?  I don’t know.  Unless any of you have any other viewpoint here, that part confused me even more.  And if there’s one thing I know, the truth isn’t confusing. It’s straight up and down like 6:00.  But then, I think of it another way.  Maybe he was saying that it would have been better for him to say he was guilty right away, thus giving him a lighter sentence.  Instead of waiting until now.  But I’ve actually witnessed people lying even after being caught in the lie!  So, this is a tough one.  


30 months (2.5 years) probation including 150 days (5 months) in the Cook County Jail, $120,000 to the city of Chicago & a $25,000 fine.

Okay, let’s address the ruling. The Judge found him guilty. Not a surprise. The Chicago PD already told us they were coming for him.  They all work together, you know.  The Judge and the enforcers of the “Law.”  They had been calling him a liar and said that he’d wasted costly resources since the last hearing. That being said, I don’t know, ya’ll. Wasn’t this going on around the “Defund the Police” movement? Several people totally misunderstand what that means. Time to work on messaging, Dems. The verdict, in this case, does sound like a convenient way to get more money for the Police department without going through the Government. They’re acting like they’ve been defunded or something.

“More than 20 Major cities have reduced their police budgets in some form, an unprecedented trend, though the scale and circumstances vary dramatically.”

-The Guardian, May 21, 2021

Oh, wait. They have been defunded! The Chicago PD is one of 20 Police Departments that have been DEFUNDED as of May 2021. According to The Guardian, “More than 20 Major cities have reduced their police budgets in some form, an unprecedented trend, though the scale and circumstances vary dramatically.” I HIGHLY DOUBT they spent $145,000 worth of time on his case. False or not. Over 80 letters were submitted on his behalf (some from Civil Rights leaders), but the Judge wasn’t moved by them. What a surprise.


It doesn’t really matter what I think. But since you wanna hear it, here it goes: If they are going to charge him all that money to cover their losses from the government, they could’ve stopped with that and the probation. 150 days in jail is too much time in jail for this type of crime, which doesn’t seem to have been proven. This whole situation has been a lot of he said/he said.

In that college scandal, Felicity Huffman was only sentenced to 14 days in jail and Lori Loughlin was sentenced to 2 months. Their LIE was verified and undeniable because it was a group of them. I feel like this was Chicago PD’s way of getting PAID IN FULL. Stay strong, Jussie. And don’t let anybody make you their b****. If you end up dying by suicide, which I pray not, we’ll know you didn’t do it.

5 Ways to Find True Love

Author: Sade “eDas The Soul Star” Stunstle, Editor In Chief

My husband and I have a podcast called Virquarius Life.  It was created for those interested in finding true love and as an outlet to share our experiences.  Our ultimate goal is to help others and we hope to do that in every avenue available to us.  I hope you enjoy this article and that it helps you in some way.  Each of these steps has been discussed in previous episodes (currently on a break).  We’ll definitely keep this topic in rotation on future episodes.  After all, it’s why we’re here.  

Step #1: Work on Yourself (Self Love) 

You’ve heard that self-love is the best love.  It’s true.  You’ve probably also heard that you can’t truly love another unless you love yourself.  These are both true statements.  I know because this is what I’ve experienced.  I’ve gone a long time not loving myself and I had no idea that I was neglecting myself.  So, if you’re not loving yourself right, you’ve got to start there.  How can you know what to expect from a potential partner if you don’t treat yourself right?  Find out who you really are and what makes you happy.  Self-care is a good place to start.  Our physical and mental health should be our number one priority.  Consider what you’re putting inside your body as far as how well you nourish yourself.  Also, physical activity is a must for so many good reasons.  Meditation and setting boundaries are a good start to improving your mental health.   I could go on, but I’ll stop here on this point.

Step #2: Make a decision

While working on yourself, it should be a bit easier for you to make a decision on what it is you actually want in your romantic life.  I can recall in my single days that there would be times where I wanted a relationship and then there were times that I was happy being single.  I had to look at why I was so wishy-washy in that sense.  I realized that it had a lot to do with looking at other people’s relationships.  We’ve got to be careful with that because, for one, we’re not all the same.  We don’t all see the world the same way.  So, it’s okay to look at other relationships for an idea as to what could be possible, but it should not be seen as any standard.  When you meet the one for you, your dynamic will be unique.  The other reason for my confusion is that I was also treated harshly in previous relationships, causing me to be afraid to open myself up to the idea of love.  Eventually, I had grown tired of dating with no purpose.  I wanted to be married and have a family and none of the men I was dating had that plan.  So I chose to move around and do me for a while.  I made a decision one day that I would find my husband because I was ready to be a wife.  There was no turning back.

Step #3: Be Intentional 

Once you’ve decided that you want a committed relationship, then you’ve got to be intentional.  As a spiritual person, I believe it’s important to connect often with the Most High and I choose to do that through Meditation and Gratitude.  This will keep you calm, centered, and gracious.  These are all positive attributes needed to create the life you want.  This brings us to manifestation.  Christians believe where it says, “Speak those things that are not as though they were.”  Something like that.  Others believe you can manifest what you desire by declaring it and writing it down on a consistent basis.  I believe this is all the same.  I believe the Most High gave us all the power to manifest the things that we want.  So, speak that committed relationship into existence and believe it so!  And don’t ever give up on believing.  

Step #4: Do what you ENJOY!

This is one of my favorite steps because I met my husband doing exactly this! A friend who had assisted me with my podcast asked for my help on his new show. I gladly accepted and met my husband through him. We didn’t hit it off at first, but after working together a few months and having several conversations, the rest is history. Another story similar to ours is how Judge Faith Jenkins met her husband, Kenny Lattimore. I recall her Breakfast Club Interview where she stated that she randomly decided to follow her passion for music. The producer that she’d worked with introduced her to Kenny Lattimore and they’ve been inseparable since. Love is a beautiful thing, but it’s even better when you fall in love with someone who shares something as wonderful as an artistic passion.  And I know everyone’s not artistic. But if your passion is helping others, try giving back to charities. In doing what you love, you are bound to meet some good people you may need in your life. 

Step #5: Be Open to Love.

I see a lot of negativity on social media from single people and it can become a bit much after some time.  1. It’s a waste of your precious time.  2. It becomes annoying to people who follow you.  These people end up having this impenetrable wall and they are just stuck.  Going back to the power in what we speak over our lives…be careful.  Being open to love is so important because just by saying over and over that love will not happen for you, that’s what you should expect.  But actually believing that you are worthy of love changes the game.  You’ll then begin to desire it more and be open to meeting new people.  So go on honey! Take a chance!

Throwback Storytime | Jacob SO

***This Throwback Storytime article is one of my first articles from 2017 where I began to feature artists and entrepreneurs. I’m so excited to bring this offering back to our community! Everyone has a story. We can’t wait to write about it.***

Get To Know: Jacob SO

Author: Sade “eDas The Soul Star” Stunstle | Editor In Chief

Ever heard of Jacob SO?!  Some call him Papi Yacob, but either way, there’s no mistaking the talent this young artist brings to the music industry.   But what makes him DFW’s best-kept secret?   First off, he’s capable of making his own beats as well as engineers his own recordings to provide quality music.  He’s a poet, writer, emcee, and you’d probably never guess what else.  He’s a Physics Teacher.  (I’m serious.)  And he’s under the age of 25.  Killing the game.  Fearless.  A force to be reckoned with.  Well, that’s just the tip of the iceberg in getting to know this creative, yet eclectic performer.   If you’re not familiar with our Trusting The Process Podcast series, I suggest you download the FYMRADIO app or get the feed from our website.  It’s dopeness recorded!  <—Shameless plug.  Okay, so Jacob was the 3rd guest to join us in our Trusting The Process Podcast Series.  But why did we choose him to be one of our special guests?  Well, I and our show’s producer DJ Mr. Quickness attended a speed networking event curated by Joel Salazar of Too Fresh Productions.   At that event, he gave us both a copy of his most recent project at the time, Loverboy.  I popped it into my CD player and I was super impressed from the moment he placed the project in my hand.  First off, he painted the artwork that was on the album’s cover.  I totally dug it.   I could tell that Jacob SO has his own style, but found out he can be versatile with a few surprises here and there.

It began to feel like Dopamine.  OMG, so much in between. -Soul Star

Let’s talk about the EP Release Party:

Jacob invited me to an EP Release party for his latest project Dopamine.  There’s no way I was going to miss this!  So in normal melanated [issa word] fashion, I ended up being a little late, so I had to pick a spot in the back.  But I must say, it was a very nice crowd!  But not only that, Jacob commanded the attention of his crowd the entire time he was on stage.  If I haven’t told ya’ll already, I have a thing for proper stage presence! <—-Another perfectionist streak running wild.  That being said, bravo Jacob SO.

How would I describe his sound?

Unique AF!  Seriously, he’s definitely a wordsmith in his own rite.  He’s got a nice grouping of love song-type tracks that give you insight into who he is as a person and how he puts his feelings into poetry.  After hearing Loverboy, that was my full assessment.  Then he dropped Dopamine, which took me to a different space as I feel he branched out a bit more.   I’m looking forward to checking out his latest project Papi Yacob.  Nothing like being part of an artist’s creative journey.  Am I right?

Okay, here’s the good stuff.  Check out Jacob SO’s responses to our questions from the show.  And these are paraphrased.  For the best experience, Check out our interview w/ Jacob SO via the FYMRadio App on Google Play or our RSS Feed right here on our website!

Your parents seem to be very supportive.  Were they always supportive of the music?

They thought it was cool.  I didn’t start [The Music] until after high school.  I fell in love with music after I got a full ride to UTA.  They were always real supportive, but when I felt like I had to choose between education and music, and music was what I chose, they weren’t exactly supportive of that idea.  But they’ve always believed in ME.

What made you choose physics and does it relate to who you are at all?

Not at all.  I graduated, but wasn’t sure if I wanted to be a teacher…so I lived a little bit in the summer.  Then it was time to find a job to pay the bills.  Sunset was always the dream job.  I played soccer there when I was in high school.  They didn’t have a math opening, but they had a physics opening.  And I knew I could pass the test for physics.   I passed the test and was offered the job.  But truthfully, Physics doesn’t have anything to do with me as a person or as an artist.

Have you played your music in front of your students?

Okay, so short answer, yes.

Did they like it?

Short answer, yes.  What was really cool was finding out I had a few students, some not mine, who listened to me before I was a teacher.  And it wasn’t a huge amount, but it was pretty cool.

How did they come to find your music?

The Pyrex Pirates.  They’re my homies.  When they were like 14/15 they started recording in my back house.  We make totally different music, but the students made it happen.

“So then you’re inspiring.” -DJ Mr. Quickness

Agreed, DJ Mr. Quickness.  Jacob SO is an inspiration.   There’s so much to Jacob SO that many people may not have come to realize yet.  But that’s okay.   His story is just beginning!  So check out the interview.  He even tells the story of how Back House Music got its start and why it’s so important to his musical journey.  To hear the full interview, download the FYMRADIO app on Google Play or simply check out our feed on this website,

Support this artist!!!  Wanna know where to find his music?

Introducing Melodyc

Melodyc was formed by our own eDas The Soul Star & TStunt!  CMSMG is grass roots, so it should be no surprise the many hats worn by these two.  Melodcy is an r&b/hip hop duo that exists to touch and inspire others.  Whether it’s the melodyc and harmonious sounds from songstress eDas, or fresh bars by eDas & TStunt, you’ll remain in a vibe.

Melodyc is currently working on new music and plan to release a new single very soon!  Please check out our music on Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube, and anywhere you stream music.